Everyone I know has a desire to live forever—at least those whose college football team is currently winning. I love the thought of extending my legacy well beyond the years of my physical life on earth. Like everyone else on earth, I will one day cease to exist in this body, but there are ways I can live on.

First and foremost, I know my life will live on because of my relationship with Jesus as my eternal lord and savior. Nothing can top that—eternal life is the greatest gift any of us could ever receive—but there are ways that parts of me can show up in future generations long after I am gone. No, I am not talking about donating my body to science (I’m not sure what anyone would want anyway), I am talking about the act of intentionally creating a lasting legacy that passes on the influence and substance of my own life to future generations.

There are many ways you can pass on a lasting legacy, ranging from having a trust fund to distribute some of your acquired wealth, to creating a quilt to tell the story of your life to future generations. Passing the things you value to your descendants can happen in all kinds of ways, but here are my favorites:


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Eight ways to pass on your living legacy.

  1. Journaling.  I have written in over 32 journals over a period of 30 years. Recording my thoughts, goals, prayers, insights and noteworthy events gives me the way to pass on major parts of my life. In the future, I will write a post to break down to the best way to do this.
  2. Writing and publishing a book. This fall I will be finally publishing two books that I have been working on for years. Once they are published and printed, they will remain available for many generations. Nothing beats publishing a book for creating a lasting legacy that lasts.
  3. Writing in books, Bibles and any other items that can be passed on. As I have had books passed onto me, I love seeing what my ancestors highlighted. Notes that my grandmother or great aunt made in her Bible are priceless.
  4. Taking pictures with my family and saving them as physical copies as well electronically on Facebook and Instagram. A picture speaks a thousand words. You never hear someone say, “We took too many pictures,” but you often hear people say “I wish we would have taken more pictures.”
  5. Spending quality time with my children and grandchildren.  I want my grandkids to talk about me to their kids and grandkids. One way I assure that is by spending quality and fun time with them. Making a memorable impression on your kids and grandkids enables you to make a memorable impression on your great-great grandkids as well.
  6. Taking the time to tell interesting and funny stories about my own life. During that quality time, tell quality stories about you and your childhood. Facts and figures are forgotten but stories are remembered and retold.
  7. Creating a box of keepsakes to pass on. I am passing on to my kids my badge from being a state trooper, my state championship ring for football and all kinds of items that have been passed on to me. Be intentional about passing on things you value.
  8. Praying for my kids, grandkids and my future generations.  I pray for my kids and grandkids every day, but I go further than that by praying for my future generations. Prayers are eternal so I truly believe that my prayers will continue to work even after I have left this planet and entered my eternal reward. How awesome is it going to be to see my future generations through the window of heaven being influenced by my life even after I have passed on?

What do you do to create lasting memories and further your legacy? Comment below, and don’t forget to subscribe to get updates straight to your inbox!

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