The Ripple Effects of a Simple Man: A Tribute To My Father
  When you picture someone who impacts hundreds or thousands of people, who do you picture? Do you picture great figures
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How to Respond When Things Get Really Bad
    I love the story of Apollo 13, which was immortalized in the movie starring Tom Hanks. It details
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Four roadblocks on the path to writing your first book
There is nothing that I like more than coaching and helping aspiring authors who want to write and publish a
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8 Ways to Live Beyond Your Own Lifetime.
Everyone I know has a desire to live forever—at least those whose college football team is currently winning. I love
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Respond Up, Christian living, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Maria, Las Vegas Shooting
Respond Up: A Timely Conversation in Light of Hurricanes and the Las Vegas Shooting
When I turned 40 years old I scribbled down several goals I wanted to accomplish before I turned 50. I
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