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Life happens, and it can bring with it setbacks, temptation, and betrayal. How we proceed often determines whether we become better or bitter: we can either succumb to our initial, knee-jerk reaction, or we choose to pursue a carefully crafted, God-centered response.

Respond Up explores how our answers to tests and trials shape our future. Follow Don as he breaks down the biblical story of Joseph, and shares seven important secrets to parlaying the messy, heartbreaking moments of our lives into catalysts for promise and promotion.

More than just a manual for success, Respond Up  is a go-to guide on leadership and one of the best self-help books of its time. Stocked with true stories, personal development strategies, and tools for leadership training, this book will enliven your faith and fuel your personal growth for a lifetime.

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Don is an emotionally healthy leader who leads us into that place in this book. Life is indeed 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond. I am so glad Don’s wisdom is being released to the public in this great work.” —Shawn Lovejoy, CEO of CourageToLead.com, author of Be Mean About The Vision: Relentlessly Protecting What Matters 

"Respond Up is a challenge to face the inevitable storms in life differently. To face them rather than flee from them.To respond to the tempest with full faith in God, knowing that He is with you and shall deliver you. Ultimately the way we respond is the decision that will determine our destiny. This is the process God has used to shape His greatest leaders.

It’s the process you are currently engaged in and this book is the fuel you need to stay in the fight! Now, through Respond Up, Don is offering you a helping hand to take that next big step. Don’t pass it up!" —Daniel Norris, Author, Evangelist, Producer, Trailoffire.org

"Don does an excellent job in capturing the essence of leadership, and the importance of responding up rather than merely reacting to the challenges we all face during our work and personal lives...What we must all remember is we must rise to the challenges we face, and 'respond up' to those challenges, not merely react to them." — Ron Grimming, Director of The Florida Highway Patrol (Ret.)

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